The Naturist Exclusive Club In Venice over the centuries until today.

Over the years, it has been stated several times outlaw, but each time it was resurrected under various guises but with the same end thanks to people even in the gauge Giorgio Baffo.

This is because the price paid by the beauty and seduction is to be seized, examined, segregated, tortured, crucified and killed. Because nothing in the world can give back what it gives.
The Club Lounge which formerly was calling Veneziano, After-Supper Intellectual Veneziano, or "Meeting" or "Circle" historically Aristocrats notables belonging to the Venetians who were often handed down from father to son or solid knowledge of the secret vices and virtues of enlightened company of Venetian patricians from age to age.

MOTTO: The motto of the libertine uninhibited Members Exclusive Naturist club in Venice is "We love the beautiful and play together to defeat the perversion." The message Exlusive Naturist Club in Venice. it is therefore open to all those who wish to be seduced by the beauty of nature that they love as well as to all those who want to defeat the desire of perversion on seduction, uprooting from his daily real life to import exclusively in the game.

The Club has its roots in Eros. 'Eros is the only civilization that has never failed in history, where the contemporary world, at the beginning of the New Millennium, in their aspirations for the future, he failed each goal.

a) It has in fact failed policy in its generalization to preserve individual interests or National Geographic.
b ) They failed Religions , subservient to ideological dogmas and speculations , never spiritualized and at the service of human development : terrorism , racism , and violence in the world , testify to this vertical decline in the future of human aspirations.
c) They failed , family, humanitarian programs , preservation of planetary ecologies and protection of children , senior citizens and ethnic minorities or basic law , undergoing the " aggression " of the new ways of life.
d) They failed the various utopian dreams , lulled by man ( Eternal Life , cloning , biological enslaved ) reduced to pagliativi revenge on life played away from traditional norms . e) the only human practice that has never suffered setbacks final , while accusing forfeitures philosophical and behaviors , it is still sexual activity!

The same for thousands of years in traditional uses and purposes (pleasure , continuity of species , affection , contentment of the "I Eroticus " ) sex has troubled power, vocations intimate and surreal dreams , to get up in his original composition to us. Great men and philosophies if they have served in the past for the best results of civilization. Despite speculation, due to advertising, to degenerate phenomena , culture masssificata costume and the usual labyrinths of the psyche , sex and its components , are elected from energy use for the development of humanity.

Often is always hand- written copies of which had established the definitive illegible or total loss due to fires determined above all by the Holy Inquisition . These fires literary did not spare even these publications during the Fascist era and only the living room of the Venetian , Margherita Sarfatti , mistress of Gabriele D'Annunzio , although it permitted their censored by a collective silence of silence , their salvation.
Members were honorary members and to which many works of Testimonials Exclusive Club have been named the Marquis De Sade , Von Masoch , the inventor and Play Boty Giacomo Casanova , the director Luchino Visconti, Gabriele D'Annunzio , Eleonora Duse , Wilhelm Reich , and many others , however, while giving their contribution to the Resurrection * dela component Eros, and its impossible, undeniable, indivisible association with the environment, because there is not much difference between being in nature that sometimes live in close contact with nature. As if to say : I sometimes get in touch with nature consciously ... I go into a natural paradise in a Maldivian antollo , where everything is natural, but for problems of religion , I do not take off the costume . Because the erotic appeal is the primordial appeal , balance that accompanies a nasciuturo infant until his adulthood and it heavily influences the architecture . The infant is not attracted by the edge of a table. And ' attracted by the rolling hills of the womb of his mother . In Venice, the world capital of beauty, art, romantic, Cinema , where Woody Allen and many others where not even the Venetians have been granted residence, domicile , dwelling exclusively . Second home to Napoleon , the inspiration for Wagner , the " Triveneto " Pasolini etc .

Where , if not here in the millennial secrets of Venice rich past and history could survive the taste of the pleasure of beauty ?

Here it is desirable that always reign sunlight as ll'ombra the utmost confidentiality. And here come the masks !
Even for the layman who did not know how to combine the need to create architecturally striking a balance between environment and eros , the interpretation due to the body it can be seen for example in the model of architectural project of great eroticism in the Veneto Villa Emo Capodilista Wild in the hill S. Elena Battle baths . The cave is of central sweating her vagina . The legs are represented by the long valley of appliances. The stairs (140, are life ) Other data and details about these precise numbers are detectable by our associates and experienced scholars.

foto about us

If to inspire the dr. Peter Wild to achieve the namesake villa was his pupil and favorite model and at the same time note Courtesan Era Venice, less erotic but still warm and engaging is the embrace of the Vatican with its arches.

foto about us

What happened ? Rescendo Unfortunately, we have forgotten that when we were little and that is that when our mother crouching down , opened his arms , we ran to her immediately . And later in the course of our lives, poking a little lower , looking for a portal from which we separated perhaps too abruptly. Something very unhealthy explain. Something , however, is the engine of the world. And ' the sexual instinct . If you got there to deny this primordial instinct and its mechanisms , we would deny life itself. Today, in Neovolgare , many deny this need . Conversely, this club allows those who consider disinibiliti of realazionarsi nicely. For lovers of nature, the environment , gender and the surprises of life. The first rule of the Club is right : "No Ban " and let yourself be surprised . The rule is there for those who want to practice . But it's just for fun . A game where the common human component sadomasochistic can be practiced in contrast to what happens for incosapevoli that just now acquiring a power, a uniform , or a major corporate office , the vent on the victims altrettando incosapevoli of the discoveries that I can not do the following way the human soul. Often victims who hijack their masochistic impulses of alcohol, drugs, delusions of grandeur , power, and not protagonsti 2 , also known thickness or by the power of money accumulated in the life of every day.

Club's activities

We design develop, the development of human resources still not degraded trips , events, without the brake of the " morality " of pleasure and ell'estetica , beauty . . Immoral if the word is worth keeping or perverse , is not what is obscene but that which denies or does Finya or does not want to see the natural, live up to deny and groped to destroy the whole of Creation iintero even trying to codify its rules and even reaching the reproductive function . Espressiono typical of this hysteria is tovano in Goblot borhese where everything is allowed , unless the violation of the rule.
Where the pervert groped wants to codifivcare even seduction.

There are no distinctions of race or disabilities which prevent members to attend .
Where does a playful ritual or group that is attracted poligamicamente , events and feelings may be similar to those of the orgies of Fregene Anzio , Nettuno , and before that of ancient Greece where there is collective in achieving orgasm God The club has recently formed a reserved register where anch and individuals can enroll and be admitted and be put on notice , females with a male atraverso mashera , the feasts of the Club . A amaschera which is the partner in decisere when throwing . Without generating the sense disparity, imbalance.
The social commitment of the members of the Club Apparently while at first glance like a phenomenon SNOB , contrary to qunto you think but because of this you do not love to advertise , not seen for an elite pleasure selfishly end in itself but is part of many members, a continuous persuasive activities to raise awareness and raise it to do with the only language broiled involving political engagements, and characters that are decisive for the monso and its balance .

Other convincing activities

Some important examples among EIU Ex: In Alabama (USA) omagio invitations and vouchers relating to pedagogical sessions on bnalitiche recovery of the subject Puritan morbid, " Human " as judges who have recently issued 10-year prison term and supervised not by age in minors, but at fifteen and sixteen year olds being spied on and caught making love in gold. To persuade even those who are member of a religious setnte to stop the cutting of the clitoris on the 40 % of girls in Africa or at least rimandarllo their decision to the adulthood. etc ...

Make love , not war ! In the capital, th e zero fell'invidia , dells jealousy , hypocrisy and violence in general. Ben are those who are attracted by the war like the war, but for the game. On the merits , the Club offers a library of devastating images of what are the wounds of bodies ravaged etc , images that do not like to see and we prefer a nice body intact. Many artists in touch with us and who think like that .

Not all members attending the Club actively , but many argue exactly as would support an Ode to Freedom.

Today, in the light of the sun will take care of your survival brave Tesimonial , Editors, Writers, Filmmakers , Musicians . They are united by the worship of beauty , protect and enrich the cultural heritage attaverso also written historical research , guided tours . Some of these are: John ...

THE CLUB in history, and the world has suffered at least 5,000 attempts at imitation and deviation Exclusive Naturist Club In Venice Its statute is legally protected and deposited to avoid vulgar clone or misunderstandings. The Club has recently made an approach for twinning in Samoa USA.

New member's admission

It was introduced into the Club exclusively for knowledge. But they are welcome guests of members. Historically Venice has always fought ISLAM. Inside the club there were dissenting opinions open to members of these religions and countries where female pleasure in this case should be adjusted to the limited cutting of the clitoris of the child. There are for example also been cases where couples anal pleasure however pratiano exclusively devoted to pleasure the anus and that they felt discriminated against and annoyed by those who considered unnatural renunciation of the vaginal pleasure . However although in principle opposed to any form of regulation , we believe that comparisons with other natures globalize positively and our motto is that of the Great Voltaire : I fight your idea , which is different from mine, but I'm ready to beat up the price of my life because you, your idea can express it freely.

From this year , opening up more and more to not only the Venetians will be able to see posted on forums.


In Italy, due to the popular will, applies a crackdown on freedom of sexual expression explicit (see the cases discussed by the media recently, where an act of love, to see the two kissing each other publicly is considered to be offended, obscene and provocative ), therefore also to be admitted, you need to be of age. Applies the law of the country of which you are a citizen (for example if Thai are 21 years of age) Having said that, with parental permission, you can subscribe to the Club, but participate in social activities is only possible if you are older.

List of publications recommended by the CLUB

- I SAPORI DELL'AMORE. STORIA SEGRETA DELLA CUCINA. Corredata di antiche ricette, illustrata con 36 disegno EROTICI originali dell'autore Gianfranco Gorini
- BYRON VENEZIA E LE DONNE di Virgilio Boccardi
- VENEZIA SALOTTI E SALOTTIERE di Daniela Milani Vianello

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