Saturday 8 February: Casanova's Libertine Private Venetian Carneval


If with a Private Elicopther Elioporto Venezia or by Private Jet or by AeroTaxi in Aeroport "Venezia Lido" or by Sea with private Idro Jet near "Aeroporto Venezia Lido" Or In Yachting: Port Venezia Center "Darsena 7 Martiri". The Casanova Body Guard with a sign "CASANOVA EXCLUSIVE PARTY" there will be up to your arive to guide them in "GONDOLA" to the call of the MEETING POINT at 14.00 in the atrium covered by the train station looking towards the outside staircase where you will deposit your luggage and you're ready to get on the boat.

12:00 AM

Meeting point in the 'Hall of the Train Station (Santa Lucia) at the stairs. Identification of the invited guests through the Password. Simultaneous start of the Treasure Hunt during the visits of the paths Erotic Venetian Casanova. (30/40 minutes by foot). After a wandering driven and full of surprises, visit the old houses in "Red Lights" at the Rialto Bridge. Also at Rialto lunch break. Stop for an erotic snack.


Visit to the ancient library whose books, from private collections saved from fire by the Courts of the Inquisition and the Venetian Republic. The books are erotic texts unopened, often attributed to Giacomo Casanova, De Sade and Friedrich Spee von Langenfeld. 2.45pm. Departure by private boat. Erotic Museum Directorate Murano Glass. Along the way, you pass the Wooden Christ used for deflower Courtesans still virgin. Return by boat to Venice. Go to the store where masks of Kubrick's film were produced. Finally, in Piazza San Marco, free stop at Cafe Correr. Back to the station. Retrieve of the luggage. You can reach the rooms in the castle and take accommodation.

The Castle EVENING:
In the castle: erotic funny ending buffet. Ritual Ceremony approval of new members of the Club, (as in the film "Eyes White Shut").
Slave Market and musical evening.

The whole event starts at Saturday evening, and ends on Sunday afternoon.

Full price for the luxury weekend overnight stay, Venice Trip and meals included:
- 380€/person (760€/couple).
Special price for the members and for the weekend's guests introduced by members or couples with overnight stay, Venice Trip and meals included:
- 280€/person (560€/couple).

Price for the Erotic Party Evening in the Castle including Entertaining, Music, Slave Market, Buffet - Body Food and a lot of emotional surprises:
- 100€/person (200€/couple).

This event is open only for couples

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